Sunday, July 30, 2006

Allan Wu - Host of The Amazing Race Asia

Finally, after 9 seasons of watching the crazy ass Americans haul their arses around the world, viewers in this part of the world now have the chance to be part of this Emmy Award winning reality series.

Even though the prize money is not a million dollars, i am sure there are still plenty of hardcore fans who will just participate for bragging rights. How cool will it be to tell your friends this, "I was on the first edition of The Amazing Race Asia."

Well, coolness will only last as long as one is in the race. Imagine if you're the the first to get eliminated. That stigma will forever be there.

Allan Wu of course will not have to worry about such stigma. Or maybe he has. Fans of AXN would be familiar with the sight of Allan crying his eyes out on Fear Factor. With the tough guy persona that he has, i am sure he has gotten a lot of stick for crying on tv. I missed that episode but am sure anything to be eaten on Fear Factor is yucky, expect for the edition where they had contestants eating century eggs. That will be a breeze for me.

Am pretty sure Allan Wu will not be crying as the first host of The Amazing Race Asia. He will be dishing out the bad news and watch them contestants cry instead.

Can't wait for the premiere of The Amazing Race Asia to start. Wonder who will we have as contestants. Will we get a gay couple? Abusive husband / wife combo? Virgin boyfriend/girlfriend?

Only time will tell.

Here's a picture of Allan, in case you all haven't got a clue who he is.